How do you sugar cure a ham

Posted on 26.11.2018 - Business

Grandma and Grandpa always butchered their own beef and pork in late Nov. to the middle of Feb. It was a family affair, everyone pitching in to make sausages. In just a few days, you can, too, have your own home-cured ham. Ruhlman's recipe, which calls for simply water, brown sugar and salt. There are a number of ways to cure ham, including dry curing which involves leaving it to cure by air, sugar curing, or brine curing where you use a lot of salt.

Sugar Cured Ham recipe: Try this Sugar Cured Ham recipe, or contribute your own. Virginia ham was one of the first agricultural products exported from North America. However, most people prefer the dry sugar cure. Except for canned (yuck), finding a cured ham here is difficult now and was impossible 5 years ago. Fortunately, you could/can buy a pig and cured ham is a no.

How to Cure Ham. Curing a ham gives it extra flavor, color, and aroma. The primary ingredients include salt and sugar, followed by saltpeter, which is a. Sugar Cured Ham cooking information, facts and recipes. A ham that is wet or dry cured where sugar is at least ½ of the sweetening ingredient used in the curing.