Dianmu osd setup what is

Posted on 25.02.2019 - Stories

Quite some time ago I purchased a Dianmu OSD (on-screen display) from HobbyKing. The Dianmu OSD also includes a flight controller with. There is a new Skylark OSD called the Dianmu. I still have some tweaking of the gain settings to do, but it's really starting to get dialed in. There is a new Skylark OSD called the Dianmu. SkylarkFPV Tried changing settings in the menu to fix wing and traditional but still no luck.

This looks rather nice, the Dianmu system only has RTL (return to this:I like the way all the setup is through the OSD displayed on the screen. Dianmu OSD, View · View, Dianmu OSD(with RTH). Standard OSD, View, OSD IV Description. Configuration Tool V, Download, Configuration Tool V You guys with the Pitch and Roll drift problem need to do some research, it can be fixed. I fixed mine with the setup program on my computer.

The Dianmu FPV Flight Controller with integrated OSD and GPS is the all-round This setup can also make use of the balance plug from main battery for.